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Did I say Evolution?

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it bothers me that Kansas and Arkansas are not pronounced the same

I’m from the UK and I have been pronouncing Arkansas as Ar-Kansas my whole life

For all my non-american friends, Arkansas is pronounced ark-an-saw


GÇ, you have got to see this!

There is a old, but still in effect, law making it illegal to pronounce Arkansas as Ar-kansas. This is hard for me cause I live in Kansas and am visiting a friend in Arkansas in two days. Haha!

I can’t tell if I own cats or loaves of bread.

I can’t tell if I own cats or loaves of bread.

I’m feeling let down again. I invited a ‘friend’ of mine to my housewarming party, and she can’t go. That isn’t the reason I’m feeling let down. The thing is that every time I try to invite this particular friend over there is always an excuse.

She recently broke up with her long time boyfriend that she was apparently cyber cheating on him with another guy she has known for a while on the internet. I don’t approve of her methods but it is fine she has found someone to make her happy, however anytime I invite her to visit me she is always traveling to see him. She is unemployed and living with her mom and uses the excuse that she doesn’t have the money to come see me, but she has traveled to see this guy who lives in Texas (she lives in Iowa) all the time.

I guess I just have to realize that I have no real friends… yay.

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Why is it whenever my parents visit I can’t get to sleep.

I normally am tired at 9:30, and asleep by 11pm, but tonight I am wide awake. The last time this happened my parents were in town as well.

Xavier looking pretty.

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Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan on the sex scene [in Kill Your Darlings] that made headlines +

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Best football goal celebration ever.☆ funny tumblr


Best football goal celebration ever.

☆ funny tumblr

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James and the giant peach IRL. Yum.

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Despite all my rage I am still holding cats on a page


Despite all my rage I am still holding cats on a page

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